Bread Street's Serving Suggestions 


A must served with a hearty soup.
Also makes the ultimate garlic bread - split down the centre, smother with garlic or herb butter.  Wrap in foil and throw on the barbie - it's delicious.


Available plain or filled.  Try our Spinach & Fetta; Egg & Bacon with a hint of cheese and chives; or Turkish Filled.
Tear it, slice it, fill it, fry it, bake it, toast it, grill it or barbecue it.
Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bread Sticks

Add to an antipasto or pate & cheese platter.
Bread Street Garlic sticks now available as well. 


All our Sourdough breads are an ideal table bread with dinner.


Delicious as a casual appetizer or entree.  Chop some fresh basil, parsley and red capsicum and scatter the mixture over heated focaccia and cut into wedges. Or just serve simply with olive oil.


The healthy vegetarian lunch treat.  Heat, slice and serve with minestrone. 
Or just enjoy it as it is. 

Fresh Ideas
Stale Bread

You can slice, chop or crumb and freeze bread for up to three months.
Heat oven to 150DegC
Place bread in a paper bag, close and dampen bag slightly.  
Bake bagged bread for about 5 minutes.  Eat within 10 minutes


Delicious recipes using stale bread.  

We recommend using our maxi fruit loaf or croissants as the base for a Bread and Butter Pudding to die for!


Serve with freshly sliced prosciutto and bitey cheese.  Perfect side to a savoury stew or simply spread with olive oil and crushed garlic.
Makes a great pizza base.

Pasta Dura

The basis of a delicious bruschetta.  Lightly toast and spread with a mixture of crushed garlic, and finely chopped tomato, red onion and fresh basil.

Maxi Fruit Loaf

Serve after dinner with Washed Rind Cheese and a bottle of Australian Shiraz.

Fruit Bagel

Delicious with an English Stilton and a glass of Traminer.

Sweet Twists

The simplest and most fantastic family dessert.  Just take one of our Apple or Blueberry Twists home.  Heat in the oven for 10 Minutes on 160 DegC.  Serve with ice cream.  Yummo!


Have you tried chocolate muffins with cream.? 
Scoop centre piece from top of muffin.  Fill hole with cream. Cut the scooped tops in half and arrange on cream to form wings.  
Get the kids to make an afternoon treat for you.