Our Background

Bread Street is the result of a 35 year trip in the baking industry for David Winter.  A journey that started in 1976  when he learnt the baking trade after finishing his University studies.  

By 1980 he had started franchising Old Style Bread Centres - the forerunner of the Brumbies bakery chain.

A move to Brisbane in 1983 saw him involved in the first sidewalk cafe - an extremely successful venture.  Soon after, he opened the Original Bagel Company, which introduced bagels to Queensland and focaccia into Australia.   

A return to Melbourne in the mid 1990s saw a return to corporate life in the baking industry.  Yearning to go back to a hands on position, he stumbled across a disused bakery in the then moribund Hamilton Street, Mont Albert.

The opening of Bread Street in 2002 saw the beginning of the revitalisation of this wonderful village.  
Our Staff

David is the hands on owner and Head Baker at Bread Street.
Production Manager Brad, completed his Baking Apprenticeship in the mid 1980s obtaining many years knowledge and  experience before joining Bread Street in 2005.

Emily has many years experience in the industry and this dedicated team is up with the sparrows every morning filling the bakery with the day's fare.

Our Sales team is headed by Diann - a resident of the street since the age of 14.  She is also our Quality Control expert ensuring all our product is up to her high standards.
Joining Bread Street

Employing up to 15 local students at a time, Junior Staff form an integral part of our workforce.  

Since opening in 1992 over 100 students have worked in casual positions at Bread Street.

Many have worked with us from the age of 15 until graduating from University, learning all aspects of a small business along the way.


If you are interested 
in a position at Bread Street 
forward your details, 
including availabilty to admin@breadstreet.com.au

Working with Disability

At Bread Street we have always been involved in providing opportunities for people with intellectual or physical disabilities and currently employ a number of people who fall into this category.

Alkira - Michael from Alkira has been with us since 2009.  He works 2 shifts per week and has progressed enormously since he first began.

Burwood East Special Development School has included Bread Street in its curriculum for senior students.  Each student spends two sessions per term under supervision of their O/T to learn bakery skills and give them their first taste of a work environment.